Suresky Hyundai, Goshen NY

Project Name: Suresky Hyudai, Goshen NY
Scope of Work: Masonry Work
Client: Baxter Building Corporation
Project Commencement Date: December 2022
Project Completion Date: in progress

The project is to build a brand new 38,000 square foot Hyundai Dealership at 2 Hatfield Lane in Goshen, New York.


The owner of this project decided to use insulated CMUs sold under the name OMNI BLOCKS. It needs a very specific installation method, not to mention the calculation process itself as unlikely regular CMUs, OMNI BLOCKS require corners, strechers and inserts. OMNI BLOCKS are installed on exterior walls only but some walls are partially exterior and partially interior walls. 12″ walls are connected to 8″ walls etc. It could cause a lot of confusion for many unexperienced masons.


Experience and a very good working environment are the key.


MCT Group NJ + your dream = phenomenal results