Ramsey Municipal Pool, Ramsey, NJ

Project Name: Ramsey Municipal Pool, Ramsey, NJ
Scope of Work: Regular & Decorative CMU, Concrete Floor
Client: Ramsey Borough NJ, MBT Contracting LLC.
Project Commencement Date: February 18, 2017
Project Completion Date: January 25, 2018

New & Renovated Locker/Changing Rooms at Municipal Swimming Pool


The entire project was executed in the winter time. It was very cold outside and the scope included concrete pouring. There were also snow days that caused delays in material delivery.


To overcome the bad weather conditions, we had to coordinate concrete pouring with weather forecasts. Thanks to our long year cooperation with concrete suppliers, we were able to get good terms of on demand delivery. We also used heaters and coverings for concrete. As for material delivery, we were very lucky because there was a big parking that wasn’t used at that time of year. We used the spot as our storage for CMUs, mortar, grout etc. It was a secure place guarded by Ramsey Borough.


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