201 East 79th Street, Manhattan, NY

Project Name: 201 East 79th Street, Manhattan, NY
Scope of Work: Demolition & Masonry Work
Client: CM & Associates Construction Management, LLC.
Project Commencement Date: April, 2021
Project Completion Date: December 2022

21-story Co-op building Facade Recladding and Roofing, approximately 100,00 sf.


201 East 79th street was originally constructed in the early 1960’s with a classic white glazed brick façade. The selected glazed brick façade material’s lifespan was about 50 years. In recent years 201 East 79th Street’s façade started to deteriorate and the condition of backup CMU blocks required substantial renovation.


CMU blocks were partially repaired, parged and partially replaced. All of them were newly waterproofed. New insulation was added.


MCT Group NJ knows how to rejuvenate building without tearing them down.