The Brick, Hackensack, NJ

Project Name: 150 Main St., Hackensack, NJ
Scope of Work: CMU Walls, Brick & Stone Veneer
Owner: Enburg Group USA
Construction Managment: SISCA Northeast Associates, LLC.
Project Commencement Date: April, 2019
Project Completion Date: November, 2021
Project URL:

New Apartment Building, 14 Floors, 83,000 CMUs (8” & 10”), 23,000sf of Full Depth Brick, 11,000 sf of Precast Stone, Construction Execution Period 2019-2021


Some of the shaft walls on higher levels were difficult to reach by concrete/grout boom pumps as the boom pump couldn’t be placed on the main street. It had to be placed on the other side of the building, on a closed street.


To fill CMUs on higher levels, we had a professional equipment in place and material was fed by a regular crane in boxes. We were mixing grout by using our equipment on the top level, and we were pouring it into CMUs with portable, stationary pumps.


MCT Group NJ knows how to build something impressive from scratch.